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2017 Best Locations to View the Macy’s Fireworks Show

2017 Best Locations to View the Macy’s Fireworks Show

2017’s Macy’s Fireworks Show was definitely a great show to watch to celebrate July 4th in New York City. The Macy’s Fireworks Show is one of the largest fireworks show that takes place in the country. This 25-minute fireworks show includes a variety of colors and patterns that you just have to witness! Every single year, the show gets better and better and this year’s show definitely didn’t fall short. If you’re thinking about heading to New York City to watch the Macy’s Fireworks Show then you definitely need to find out the best locations. Check out 2017’s best locations to view the Macy’s Fireworks Show and get yourself ready for next year’s show!


Midtown Manhattan – FDR Drive

This year’s Macy’s Fireworks Show took place on the East River and did not include the typical barge near the Brooklyn Bridge. With that being said, locations to catch the fireworks were definitely cut down. One of the best places to view the show was in Midtown Manhattan near the FDR Drive. 2017’s show included five barges along 24th and 41st street. The best place spot to see the show this year was on 42nd Street and FDR Drive. With the barges being so closeby, this location offered up one of the best views of the fireworks.

Though 42nd Street was a great spot, locations downtown still offered a great view. Other viewing spots along the FDR Drive included 34th Street, 23rd Street, and Houston Street. Further downtown offered up another great view at 18th Street and Avenue C.

Brooklyn and Queens

While the Brooklyn Bridge barge was removed, you could still enjoy a view of the Macy’s Fireworks Show from Brooklyn. However, if the barge is located in Brooklyn for 2018, Brooklyn Bridge Park is definitely one of the best places to view the show! Williamsburg and Greenpoint offered up a great view of the show if you were looking to skip the chaos of the FDR Driver. Other great locations in Brooklyn included the WNYC Transmitter Park and East River State Park. Gantry State Plaza Park and Hunters Point South Park in Queen also offered up a great view of the Macy’s Fireworks Show.

New York City July 4th Cruises

The best view of the Macy’s Fireworks Show can definitely be enjoyed from an NYC July 4th cruise! Escape the hustle of the city and take to the seas for the perfect July 4th celebration. Your sail on an NYC July 4th cruise will have you enjoying your favorite music of the year with a live DJ onboard. Enjoy food and drinks as you sail and views of New York City like you’ve never experienced. When the fireworks begin, enjoy the view from the seas as you watch each firework light up the night sky! If you’re looking to enjoy the best view of the Macy’s Fireworks Show then you just have to get onboard an NYC July 4th cruise.

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2017 Macy's Fireworks Show Map
2017 Macy’s Fireworks Show Map